Loyola School of Law in the News | Dean David Yellen

Dean David Yellen was interviewed by Chicago magazine about his work to find inmates who were tortured and incarcerated by former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge.

Here’s the Latest from the Case Against Jon Burge
By: Rui Kaneya

Last month, former Chicago Police commander Jon Burge secured an early release from prison for his role in a decades-long police torture ring—ironic news, given that dozens of his victims are believed to be still languishing in prison. It’s unclear how many individuals remain incarcerated at the hands of Burge, but Loyola Law School Dean David N. Yellen and a group of students have been trying to get to the bottom of it.

In March, Cook County Criminal Division Judge Paul P. Biebel Jr. tasked Yellen with finding inmates incarcerated by Burge. With the help of student volunteers, Yellen has combed through hundreds of cases and identified roughly 20 inmates.

Earlier this month, Yellen submitted the first wave of names to Biebel. Biebel, in turn, will assign pro bono attorneys to help the inmates prepare for post-conviction reviews.

It’s likely more names will be added to the list this month; Yellen and his students are only halfway through their work, which they hope to wrap up in about six months.

Yellen recently sat down with Chicago to discuss his progress.”

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