Advice: What to do the summer before law school

“The most important thing to do the summer before you start law school is take care of yourself and spend as much time as you can doing what you love.  You will still be able to find time to do those things while you’re in school, but not at as leisurely a pace as your pre-law school days!  Don’t worry about reading any supplements or anything before you start.  The one thing I would do as far as school planning is get your books as soon as possible so that you can get better deals whether you are renting or buying.”

Elise Robie, 2L






“Hi incoming 1Ls!! The best advice I can give you before you start school in the fall is to enjoy your free time this summer! Visit family and friends, travel, read (for fun!), play sports, and try to do all of the things that you look forward to on the weekends. Additionally, if you know or meet any law students or lawyers this summer, pick their brains for tips and suggestions for success in law school- they really are happy to share their experiences and their advice is extremely helpful! ”

Gail Janowski, 2L




“Enjoy your summer! Law school is about to take over your life, so enjoy beautiful Chicago without stress. Also buy your text books early online at The earlier you shop, the better the deals.”

Amie Bauer, 2L (Read her blog post about buying books here)






“The resounding response to “what should I do to prepare for law school” is this – don’t worry about it, just enjoy yourself! But, that’s not what you want to hear. I know – I was just as eager to do anything to get a jump start on my legal career. So, if you must do something besides binge-watch Netflix and eat gelato on Navy Pier, this is what I suggest.

1). Try to read about cases, either by reading the cases directly, or articles about Supreme Court decisions in the paper or online. You don’t have to understand all or much of what you read. The idea is to expose yourself to concepts, current questions, and to gain an overall impression of the legal system.

2). Meet your classmates. Go to the Facebook meet-ups. Suggest your own meet-up. I cannot stress enough what a great community of students Loyola attracts. You’ll get to know everyone in your section by name anyways – so do it early. Consider your “who to sit by on the first day” anxiety problem solved.”

Katelyn Sprague, 2L

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