Amie B: Spring Break

Hello all! I write to you today from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because I am on spring break! Admittedly, not the most glamorous destination but this trip is more about the people than the destination. Though it may not be Cabo, the sun is shining and it’s in the fifties so it does feel drastically warmer than Chicago

Spring break is a nice opportunity to take some time and get out of classes. Even though Loyola has a great community atmosphere, law school is still stressful. We have the readings, the papers, and the in-class Socratic method to be prepared for. The break is a nice reprieve from the classroom and the daily pressures. Even though I have done homework everyday of break so far, it is nice not to have to go to class. It has given me the opportunity to relax, mosey my way through my textbooks and catch up on my outlines. Okay, well, start my outlines.


At the North Look Out of Hawks Mountain Sanctuary.

And best of all, I have gotten to spend some time with my friends and family. I even got to spend a day hiking. About an hour and half north of Philly is the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in the Poconos, right of the Appalachian Trail.  As its name suggests, it is a popular destination for bird watchers, especially those fond of hawks. I learned the best time to spot a hawk is in the fall, but I was still able to see some flying around in the sky.

Gotta have the snacks.

Gotta have the snacks.

While it was a bit chilly, once I got moving I was perfectly fine. I did not even wear a parka! I can’t even remember the last time I was outside without my knee-length cloak. But I was able to complete the six-mile loop without it and it was liberating. I loved being out in the woods, climbing mountains, and dredging through the snow. The hike pulled me out of my head and helped me remember life beyond the books.

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