Studying Abroad: BEIJING, CHINA – Part IV

The trip to China is over, sadly, but getting back to Chicago was great! The last week of our trip included many trips to the tailor’s shop to put the finishing touches on the suits and shirts that were ordered, a group karaoke trip, and a trip to the Great Wall.

One of my favorite things that we did was take a group trip to the tailor. We went in as a group, negotiated a nice deal and proceeded to buy A TON of suits. In all, there were 24 students on the trip and I would venture to say that most everyone bought a suit and many bought multiple suits. The process was pretty simple. You get measured, pick the material you want your suit to be made of and give them an idea of the style that you want. After that, come back in a week and they will start making adjustments on your suit. You will find in law school that having a suit is useful, especially for interviews, so having the opportunity to pick up a custom made suit for less than $200 USD was an added bonus to the trip.

Suit Store

The group karaoke trip was entertaining. After being abroad for three weeks with 24 people, the walls start to come down and the comfort level goes up. It was nice to take a break of classes and sightseeing to sing for three hours. We took a room that was made for maaaaaybe 15, and put 26 people in there. Needless to say, it was hot, loud, but a ton of fun! We even got Dean Jean up there to sing a few songs.

The Great Wall was awesome; however, the weather did not cooperate. There was a thick fog that afternoon and a steady mist. Personally, I think the weather added to the experience. Per usual, a group of us ended up taking pictures with locals on the Wall and occasionally gave out “high-fives” at their request. It was a great experience and extremely cool to see the Wall.

Great Wall

Overall, the trip was more than I could have imagined. There are times that it was tiring, but looking back, it was all worth it! I would recommend to anyone thinking of studying abroad; GO! You have an opportunity to learn from a great set of professors, you get to know a group of your classmates better, and most importantly you put an event on your resume that people will have a genuine interest in. After all, not everyone goes to China for a month!

Justin G

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