Student Spotlight: Agnieszka Zielinski, ChildLaw Clinic

Participating in Loyola’s Civitas ChildLaw Clinic is the highlight of my law school experience. Third year law students, such as myself, work under the supervision of three experienced clinical attorneys’ and provide legal representation to children in a range of proceedings such as domestic relations or child welfare. I currently handle three personal cases; one involves me acting as the Child Representative in a domestic relations case, another involves me acting as a Guardian Ad Litem in a child protection case, and the last case involves me acting as the attorney for a woman attempting to expunge her arrest record.

Working as a Student Attorney at the ChildLaw Clinic is a very valuable learning tool and greatly enriches the law school experience in many ways. A few things the Clinic has taught me to do is how to interview and counsel clients, prepare for hearings, draft opening and closing arguments, and appear in Court. Furthermore, I have been able to develop these skills under the supervision of three great knowledgeable attorneys.

Most importantly, I have gained practical experience working in the Clinic and put the substantive law I have been studying into practice and help children in need. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you can make a real positive impact on someone’s life because of your hard work and advocacy. I can honestly say that being a Student Attorney in the ChildLaw Clinic has been instrumental to setting me on the right path as an attorney. After graduation, I plan on working at a family law office or pursuing a policy position at a youth/family oriented policy organization.

Agnieszka Zielinski – 3L

Agnes Zielinski_2

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