2022 Symposium on Religious Liberty Announced

This year’s conference will be held on Friday, April 8th, 2022. It is particularly noteworthy as this event marks the 20th anniversary of the Law Journal’s inaugural symposium. The topic for the conference is “Religious Liberty” – the freedom to practice one’s religion (whatever that might be) and the freedom to not support or conform to someone else’s.

Religious liberty is a perennial issue of vital importance, both in terms of how people live their lives and how society is structured. It is also a timely issue, given the numerous significant developments in the past few years including from the Supreme Court’s most recent term. These areas of development include religious accommodations to anti-discrimination laws, public funding and religious entities, government displays of religious symbols, and the intersection of religious conscience and healthcare. The conference panels will be organized to discuss these and other issues from a variety of perspectives. The Law Journal strives to assemble a group of scholars who will not simply exchange different points of view, but who will engage in a genuine and meaningful dialogue with one another in order to push the field of study forward.

The Law Journal plans to host an in-person conference at the Law School’s Corboy Center, located on Loyola’s Water Tower Campus, just two blocks away from Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The conference will take place in the School’s beautiful Ceremonial Courtroom. Participants will also have the option of attending via Zoom. If the circumstances in April warrant it, the Law Journal is prepared to transition to a fully virtual conference. A luncheon will also be had on the day of the conference in Kasbeer Hall, located on the top floor of the Corboy Center, which boasts dramatic cityscape views of Michigan Avenue and the Loop.