IP – Surprisingly Relevant to Public Health

I started telling people I was going to law school just about one year ago. One of the first questions everybody asked was whether I was going into IP law. I had been working in software development for several years, so the assumption made sense given my technology background. I had other plans though.

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You Want Me to What? Realities of Being an “IP” Law Clerk

Day 1. The blue line makes yet another jerky stop, and you check your watch nervously to make sure you’re still on time.  Phew. You are relieved to see that you’re going to arrive early for your first day of work, but nevertheless, you start to shift uncomfortably in your seat. Your discomfort, prompted partially by the stiff new dress shoes that you’re wearing (but mostly by the anxiety of starting a new job where you might encounter IP issues) starts to dissipate. With a quick shake of your head, you brush off the jitters.  Relax, you tell yourself.  You’re prepared – after all, you’ve easily tackled IP issues in class. 

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A Tale of Two Donut Shops: “Dunking” Into Trademark Troubles

IP Here, IP There…IP Everywhere   

IP is everywhere and affects everyone.  This principle was reinforced when I took Intellectual Property Law with Professor Ho during the Fall 2018 semester.  We regularly had examples in class regarding the many ways IP intersects with everyday life, even including a copyright infringement case involving Kanye West.  There were more examples at the end of the semester when students presented real and/or realistic applications of IP law.  I especially enjoyed working on my final presentation with Jessica Fenton involving a local mom-and-pop donut shop called “Dunk Donuts.”  If you’re thinking that sounds like Dunkin’ Donuts, so were we—and wondering whether this Oak Park donut shop might be liable to the national donut chain.

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