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Loyola and the Final Four

As we prepare for the Final Four game, which everybody at Loyola hopes we win, we should remember two things — regardless of the outcome this coming weekend.

First, while Loyola won the NCAA tournament in 1963, it was also a victory for racial justice and integration. Not to be forgotten is that Loyola was banned that year from playing in Mississippi because we had black players on our team.

Second, today Loyola sits at the top of the Division I Student-Athlete class, and has for two years. In 2017 Loyola was recognized by the NCAA with a 99 percent Graduation Success Rate (GSR), tying with five other schools, including Harvard and Yale.

Loyola University Chicago must continue to be a beacon and exemplar for social justice in 2018 and beyond. And it must continue to place academics on par with, indeed above, sport while still letting those able to excel to do so.

Go Ramblers


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