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The New Tesla

stock-illustration-71612081-manager-unpack-a-box-of-quality-employee Companies are eager to provide excellent service to their customers and it seems that supply chain automation is the answer. Some companies like Tesla Motors have decided that people are no longer necessary in the production line. To put it differently, they do not wish to “drop their production to people speed”

One of the main reasons why this is happening is because consumers are willing to pay for a faster service, which a few years ago was not the case. It is important to mention that the power behind the supply chain is the people, the ones who get up every morning and get down to work.

Employees solve problems, develop existing products and create value to the firm. With them, companies meet customer’s demand and consequently achieve profitability goals.

So what comes first: Employees or Customers? 

More information can be found here

Harry Haney. Associate Director, Supply and Value Chain Center

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