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Why Nike is the best strategic player?

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Nike, which is the world’s leading designer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel and accessories,has become the game changer of the sport industry. This brand has been successful because they have stayed true to their mission by “continually creating quality products for athletes with a focus on making them better”. They also have spent a considerable amount of money to hold their famous athletes to be the face of the brand but now they are aiming for something bigger. 

On August 18, affiliates of Apollo Global Management and Nike, Inc. announced that they would enter into a strategic partnership regarding the apparel supply chain in the Americas. By doing this, Nike would improve their position to deliver customized products. Apollo is currently acquiring additional textile and apparel suppliers in order to broaden and diversity its product offering.

Nike has been struggling with supply issues but with this partnership, they will create a “more vertically integrated appeal ecosystem”

 More information can be found here

Harry Haney. Associate Director, Supply and Value Chain Center

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