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Our School of Business Focus on Sustainability

You may have seen the buzzwords of “corporate social responsibility” and “business ethics” before.  As the “Good Intentions” article (The Wall Street Journal, February 3, 2010) referenced here illustrates, these issues are part of “global business sustainability”: looking “at a company’s survival and future success in a world of limited resources.”  This reading provides a brief overview of business sustainability, as well as some examples of how companies are trying to implement sustainability initiatives (and note that some of the data were gathered in a survey of 130,000 Facebook users).

University courses about sustainability may be found more frequently in biology departments than in business schools, yet responsible leadership requires effective stewardship of organizational resources.  Jesuit business schools like Loyola University Chicago are poised to make a significant contribution to both researching and teaching this important topic.  Here at Loyola, we have both faculty and students doing research on sustainability, as this recent SBA Research Newsletter shows.

And we at the GSB are proud to be included in the Aspen Institute’s “The Sustainable MBA: The 2010-2011 Guide to Business Schools that are Making a Difference”.

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