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Weekend Update: September 14th

Weekend Update: September 14th

Cheers, hello, and mind the bloody gap what a busy week it has been. Classes are really in full swing, and now that we are all comfortable with our surroundings and the jet-lag has worn off, the real work begins. Here are the major exciting things that happened this week/weekend besides the fact that David and I have achieved grown-up status and have made dinner for ourselves almost every day:

So on Thursday we actually got #blessed with having the afternoon off. I finished class at noon that day, so I decided to hop on a bus and go take a ballet class. It was one of the strangest experiences in my life. First of all, the class itself was good, and it was nice to be in a familiar environment (aka a dance studio) while being away from home. Despite the comforts I felt at first, I was pretty much a hot mess in the class, as it has been almost 5 weeks since I have taken class.

Here’s the weird part about class, and if you aren’t a dancer/don’t really care about dance, I suggest you keep skip this. So the class was “taught” by a very old man who could hardly walk. He had a stick and sat at the front of the room while his assistant taught the class. The man would not give corrections to students individually and would tell his assistant what the corrections were. Additionally, here you pay the teacher directly in cash for the class AND pay a fee to the dance center. I guess that’s just how they roll over here? Idk.

David and I went to the British Museum today. The one thing I basically learned at the British Museum is that the Brits went into a lot of places and conquered them, and now they have some lovely collections of artifacts, i.e. they have literally half of the Parthenon from Greece here. It was really neat to see the collections. The museum was super crowded, so I’ll probably try and go back on a weekday, or some other time, which will be easy because it’s free! Here are some hi lighted pics from the day:

Today I went with my friends Vanessa and Julia from the theatre program to go visit Buckingham Palace. We got the chance to actually go inside the palace because the royal family are now in Scotland on holiday. When the Queen is at home, the palace is not open for tours, so we wanted to take advantage of this chance. We got to see 19 of the 700 rooms in the palace, so Liz really gave us the grand tour. Unfortunately there is no photography allowed inside the palace, so I can’t give you a first hand account of what went down. I can say that the interior of the palace is absolutely breath taking, and looks like something out of a story book, because it basically is. After seeing the palace, we decided to walk to Parliament and Big Ben to take a gander at those sights. To our luck, the street in front of Big Ben was closed for a bike race, so we got prime picture taking time.

At Buckingham Palace
At Buckingham Palace
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