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Week 3: Getting Lost in Rome!

Week 3: Getting Lost in Rome!

Ciao tutti!

I cannot believe that this is going to be my last week in Rome! Time flies when you’re having fun and seriously, I’ve been having so much fun that it has been feeling like a dream. I feel like none of these posts really capture my adventures, which is why they are so difficult to write. This week I’m going to tell you about getting lost in Rome, because that is the only way to truly experience how magical and wonderful the city can be!

This week was wonderful for numerous reasons, but for the most part I enjoyed this week because (almost) every night, I would get lost in Rome. I would always go out with a small group of people and we would never really have a destination (except for dinner, we planned that out so we would be eating the best food in Rome!).

One night, walking around aimlessly with my room mate, we ended up in a piazza where a giant stage was set up in front of a church. It was this famous Italian orchestra. We got to sit down and enjoy wonderful music in the middle of an Italian piazza, which we never would have gotten to do if we hadn’t gotten lost.

I have stumbled upon many things in the process of getting lost in this vast city; delicious gelato, a movie showing in the park near Castello San Angelo, a festival in that same area with a ton of nice street vendors selling beautiful things, pretty famous land marks that were beautiful and amazing.

We also got lost in Villa Borghese the other day, which was WONDERFUL. Villa Borghese is probably bigger than Central Park and better. It’s full of rich history and beautiful trees and a replica of the Globe Theatre in London! It wasn’t crowded or touristy at all, which made us feel like real Romans.

If you get lost in Rome, you are bound to come upon many churches that seem like they are small or a hole in the wall compared to St. Peter’s Basillica. GO INSIDE THEM ANYWAY! Sometimes those churches can be the most beautiful (I honestly can’t say that I’ve seen an ugly church in Rome yet!).

Although there is a lot of hustle and bustle around the main streets of the city and near the touristy areas, if you go a few streets off the main ones, you will find yourself wondering if you’re even in the same city anymore.

The best way to experience a city is to get lost in it, so next time you go somewhere, don’t just go to the land marks. Get yourself away from them and off the busy streets and you’ll find the real life of those who live in the city around you, and you’ll most likely fall in love with it!

That’s my advice for now! Ciao!


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