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Toro toro!!

Toro toro!!

Bulls are often associated with Spain, and with good reason. Spain is known for having bull shows where there are toreros and toreras involved. Thanks to the amazing people at Loyola Andalucia- Etea, Loyola Chicago students got to tour the arena in Córdoba where young men and women train and take lessons on bull fighting.


Here are some fast facts about bull fighting:

1. Yes the objective is to kill the bull.

2. The bulls selected for the shows are made sure they are healthy and in tip top condition.

3. The bulls are very well off for the duration of their life before the fight.

4. There is a police official who makes sure before each show that the animals, toreros, and arena are all following legal procedures.

5. There are people who train and take lessons don’t practice on a red bull until a show (that’s a bit scary in my opinion).

When we were inside the arena, there were students practicing their skills with what looked like a bright cape and others with a sort of replica of a bull. The ages ranged from 5 years old to in their 20s. All but one was men who were practicing and according to our expert (he used to bull right) there are more women now than in the last 20 years who are participating. Apparently in bull fighting, when a woman performs during a show, it is much more respected and admired.

So what do 17 LUC students do when you’re in a bull arena? Take some lessons from a professional.


Group picture in arena.
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