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There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

Growing up I watched Dorothy navigate through Oz, making friends and enemies along the way.  Dorothy eventually realized she was the only one who could find way home and she had it in herself all along.

One of the hardest parts I have found of being abroad is not knowing anyone.  My roommates and everyone I have met have been very friendly.  Even though I have all these connections here, there is not really anyone who knows me well. I think this has made me more aware of how I come across to other people.  It can be hard not having anyone to vent to about my frustrations and I certainly do not want to be constantly complaining to my new friends.  Nobody wants to be around negative people.  I sometimes have to stop myself from only talking about my frustrations.

Last week I discovered Regents Park.  On my morning jog I discovered I live very close.  It is such a beautiful place and a great stress reliever.  Each time I’ve run since I’ve gone to that park.  If I spend a little time alone exercising or relaxing I think I become less negative.  I enjoy having that time to myself.

Unlike Dorothy, I’m not homesick yet.  I’m still enjoying my time here and not missing too much at home.  Hopefully I make a few good friends during my time here, just like Dorothy did in Oz.

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