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The Night Before…

The Night Before…

I am packing.  I despise packing, but i guess the fact that i’m packing for something awesome makes it okay.  I’ve always been a notorious over-packer, and so packing light for China (and traveling once i’m China) has proven to be somewhat of a struggle.  okay, that was a lie.  it’s been a huge struggle, and the fact that i’ve left most of my packing to the day before doesn’t make it really any better.  I’m quite sure i’m going to forget something, but at this point, worrying probably won’t make anything better.  Not that that will stop me…

I have a 13 hour flight which leaves tomorrow at 1pm and lands in China at 3pm the next day.  Beijing (and all of China, since they only have one official time zone) is 13 hours ahead of us, so i suppose it all makes sense.  This is the airport (of which i haven’t seen yet…but i’ll take some pictures of it with my camera when i’m there):

Look at all the pretty lights!!!

And that airport looks pretty freaking cool.  I’m excited to be landing in it soon.  This program i’m going with (ChinaGreen) is on it’s maiden voyage!  not that it’s a ship.  or a boat.  or a plane.  but you get my gist, no?  It’ll be cool to see all the sites and meet all the people and eat ALL the food.  I still don’t know exactly who i’m going with, since i think i’m the only one from LUC, but i’ll be fun to meet my classmates.  although, if they get in the way of me and my food, my opinion of them might go down.

just saying.

Okay, i really must needs return to finishing packing and getting myself together for my imminent departure!  I just wanted to test out this blogging site and stuff before i find myself back in the motherland (of sorts).

See ya’ll on the flip side.


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