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Hola a todos,

This past weekend, my host family took me to their vacation house in Tequisiapan in Queretaro. It was marvelous. We left Thursday morning, since it was Independence Day, and got back today (Sunday). It was essentially 4 days of eating, drinking, partying, tanning, shopping, and more drinking and eating. Thursday night, we went to the center of Tequis to hear “El Grito” which is where the mayor comes out and says rings the bell and everyone shouts “Viva Mexico!” like 30 times to mark when Miguel Hidalgo rang the bell to mark the start of the Independence against the Spanish. Fireworks, music, all that. After that we were out partying til the wee hours of the morning, Mexican style–eating, drinking, dancing, singing at a friend’s house. Friday we layed low until later, where we went to another party…Saturday we got up and went to another town, Bernal, which is another “Pueblo Magico” like Tequis, to eat some famous gorditos and shop. Bernal is also known for having one of the world’s 3 biggest peaks. Unfortunately, I was dumb and didn’t bring real shoes, so climbing the peak in flip flops was not going to happen.

What I really enjoyed the most about this trip was meeting some great people. These friends of Lupita and Gonzalo have been friends for many years and their kids and Gon and Gina have been friends since they’ve been born. They are welcoming, fun, kind and hilarious. It was really great being able to spend my weekend with them and I’m so blessed I was able to take this trip. It was a relaxing and enjoyable weekend overall.

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