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Rome Lesson #284: No One is in St. Peter’s Square at 5:30am.

Rome Lesson #284: No One is in St. Peter’s Square at 5:30am.

I’m sure that the title of the blog surprises you. Who wouldn’t want to walk around St. Peter’s Square before the sun is out? But that’s what we found out when we arrived at The Vatican at 5:30am, in anticipation for the Papal Audience!

We were on a mission. We are in Rome, living right next door to our dear pal Benny and we wanted to be in the front row for the audience. Want isn’t even a strong enough of a word. The front row was our destiny.

First in line!

After a quick conversation with some Swiss Guards about where the entrance would be (who knew that they were so friendly!) we set up camp in a walkway right outside the square, and assumed our “homeless Catholic college students” roles. Sleeping in shifts as the wonderful guys that were with us kept watch over us and our items we suddenly found ourselves in the front of a huge line of tourists, locals, nuns, and a choir singing in Polish. As soon as they opened the gates we rushed the square like a football team charging the field. We pushed. We shoved. We made a few sacrifices along the way. But when we breathlessly made our way to the front and darted into the seats next to the barrier it was all worth it. WE WERE IN THE FRONT ROW!


And let me tell you, the front row is the way to see a Papal Audience. We didn’t need the zoom on our cameras he was right in front of us! As the Pope passed us in the Pope mobile we all began to tear up. Here we were, a bunch of die hard Catholic students, studying in Rome, with the Pope less than 10 feet in front of us. We were absolutely overwhelmed.

No zoom!

The audience was beautiful, with readings in all different languages, a blessing, and shout outs to every group in attendance (the JFRC group was the 2nd loudest, after the Polish choir!) We left the audience feeling blessed (literally!) and so grateful for this semester and every amazing opportunity that it has given to us (thus far!)

Waiting for the blessing!

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