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Pumping Iron – Well – Oil Too

Pumping Iron – Well – Oil Too

Yesterday we had a surprise party for one of the girl’s 21st birthday. While we were at her house I found out that her host brother is a bodybuilder. He was big, but since he was fully clothed it was hard for me to judge just how bodybuilt he actually was.

After the party he opted to give me a ride back home in his giant hummer.

Okay – I got to go on all little tangent here just to describe this automotive beast. First of all it was massive. It probably had a clearance space of over 3 feet easily – and moreover the dude took off the step on the side of the car that makes it possible to step in without hurling yourself into the backseat (since the guy was a bodybuilder he kind of just lifted himself up with one hand and plopped in the seat). It was flashy gold, and on the back there was a bumper sticker that just read ‘Kool Kar’. The inside was like the Enterprise or something. 12-inch hi-def touchscreen that showed music videos, sunroof, LED dashboard. We asked him if he ever took the thing wadi-bashing and he was like “What? This car has too much electronics, I would never”

so yeah…it was a big car.

But while he was talking about his bodybuilding career I started to realize -Hey, this guy is no joke. He’s number one in the Middle East and Asia. I asked him if he had ever been to America and he was like “Yeah, I went first time to Ohio this month,” (I thought that was cool ’cause I’m from Ohio)

Turns out he went to the Arnold Classic in Columbus. At first I thought he meant he just went to see the exhibition but turns out he actually was in the Amateur bodybuilding competition.

Okay – tangent number two. When I asked him if he was professional or not he said no. At first I thought he was saying that he didn’t do pro because there are no drug tests and he doesn’t like steroids, but it then I found out he was saying the exact opposite. He loves doing steroids. When I asked him what his supplements were – creatine, protein, etc. – he was like “Creatine is kids stuff” So yeah, he loves himself some drugs.

Anyway, the Arnold Classic is a big deal. There’s far more money to win than at Mr. Universe and it’s almost just as prestigious. The guy got fifth place. Fifth place. That means that of all the body builders in the world, there is only a small handful that are better than this guy. And he’s in Oman. And he’s driving me home. And he’s got a big hummer. And he went to Ohio.

I wish I had known he was going to Ohio before he left – I would’ve told my Ohio State friends to cheer him on during his performance.

But yeah, his name is Ahmad Salim Saleh al-Harthi, and this is what he looks like.

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