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Oh, why “ello” there London!

Oh, why “ello” there London!

Well, I have arrived in London… Finally!

Getting here was quite the adventure, to say the least. After giving my mom, aunt, and boyfriend a million hugs goodbye, I crossed the point of no return 🙂

My flight left Chicago/ O’hare at 6:05p and I arrived in London at about 7:28a.

Not that the plane ride wasn’t an adventure in itself- experiencing airplane food for the first time, sitting on a plane for over 7 hours, and attempting to sleep while snoring and other airplane noises filled the plane- but the real adventure began after gathering my belongings, going through customs, and wandering around trying to find the “tube.”

After being that girl with all the luggage blocking the walkway in between seats, I got off at my stop. The public transit system over here seems amazing so far. It’s so clean and there are so many workers on each platform to guide lost, wide-eyed visitors like me.

So side note, I decided to stay with a host family instead of staying in international housing because I figured why not take a chance and integrate myself in the English culture?? The person I’m staying with, Chika, wanted me to call her when I got to the train station so she could pick me up. After putting in my 60 pence to make the call and dialing her number, the phone wouldn’t work.

Welp, this would be the first time I would start crying… So I asked one of the workers, James, if he could help me (in tears mind you) and much to my surprise he gave me a hug and let me borrow his phone. I got in contact with Chika, but unfortunately it would be about two hours until she could come get me.

James told me I could wait with him, given there is quite a chill in the air (England is experiencing a severe weather alert, with it being so cold) and that I had my giant suitcase, heavy backpack, and purse filled with everything that wouldn’t fit in my back pack.

As I waited some other public transit workers came over, Steve- from Scotland, Josh, and Ian who would all make me laugh and feel much better.

Eventually I went out to the street to wait for Chika, but she was no where to be found… so after 45 minutes of waiting out by the street, I called her (again using James’ phone) and it turned out she had been there for over 30 minutes, looking for me! She was literally behind the building! Funny how that happens!

Anyway long story shortened, I have arrived safely at my new home for a little less than 5 months, I have tried my first British meal- roasted chicken which was a much different meal than I am used to, and I am trying to adjust to my new life here in London!

Until next time!!


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