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Day 4: Oh Right, I’m Taking Classes Here

Day 4: Oh Right, I’m Taking Classes Here

Ciao! Classes are officially in full swing here at JFRC. (I am taking Italian 102 and Classical Mythology if any of you were wondering) After my first two days here I kinda forgot that I actually came here to study haha. I would highly recommend that you take some form of Italian if you come here, or whatever language of the country that you decided to go to. Even though many Romans know a decent amount of English, they are A LOT nicer to you when you at least TRY to speak the language, and I’m sure that goes for pretty much any country as well. For example, some friends and I went to dinner near The Pantheon last night and our waiter started talking to us in English, we responded in Italian and he was very pleased. We had a great dinner and the waiter really enjoyed conversing with us whenever he came to our table. It is also just a good idea to really submerge yourself into the culture as much as possible to get the experience you really came for. Being Italian is all about the way you speak, eat and present yourself. Eat well, take a breath and enjoy life. That’s what they do. A meal can last three hours, taking a slow walk and talking with friends is what Italians do best and do your best to adapt that custom because it is really a great way of life.

Other than taking in the culture, just walking around Rome is stunning. You can walk into the coolest things by taking a little adventure. Even walking from monument to monument can be a day in itself. The streets and paths throughout the city are so different from anything in the U.S. and it amazing what you will find. P.S.- Gelato is on pretty much any corner, eat as much of it as you can.

Alright readers, time for bed here in Roma… but I’ll give you some pictures before I hit the hay. Bounanotte tutti!

Dinner at The Pantheon
Fontana di Trevi


Just wandering around Roma
St. Peter’s Basilica
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