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Noche Blanca de Flamenco

Noche Blanca de Flamenco

Cordoba has their own version of a music festival- NOCHE BLANCA DE FLAMENCO. This spectacular night take place on a Saturday evening beginning at 10:30 pm until 6 am. Every plaza has a different musical or dancing act at various times throughout the night. It was easy to see where a different act was about to start from the amount of people walking to the plazas. There was musicians singing flamenco style music, a dancing performance of flamenco and other acts.


One of my favorite things there was getting to hear a singer in the patio of La Mezquita- Patio de las Naranjas. It was a smaller area but it was a great atmosphere!


It seemed that most people stayed well into the night for the different acts but most of us left at around 3am. Next time, we will be much more prepared and able to stay up all night.


Performance in Plaza Las Tendillas


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