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Napoli e Sorrento

Napoli e Sorrento

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Naples and Sorrento with a few of my girlfriends. Considering we planned this trip 2 days before we left, and that none of us really have much knowledge on the ever confusing Italian transportation system, we were incredibly lucky with our travels.

We started our trip early Friday morning, taking a bus to the metra to another line on the metra and finally to our train to Naples. Considering we stick out like sore thumbs, us ladies generally attract attention from curious Italians and this train ride was no exception. We made some Italian friends who are in the Italian army and had ourselves a pretty hilarious time on the train. Some people had warned us that Naples was a sketchy town to visit and not worth seeing but I couldn’t disagree more. Naples is a city just like any other city so yes, you do need to be careful and situationally aware, but Naples is also bustling with an extremely cool and authentic Italian culture that I fell in love with. Among other things, I had the best pizza I have ever had in my life for 1.50 eu, watched the sun set over the sea with Mt. Vesuvius in the backround, and stayed at a really cool hostel where we made some polish friends.

Saturday we woke up early again, said goodbye to Naples and attempted to catch a ferry to Sorrento. We didn’t budget our time as well as we had hoped so we ended up running through the streets of Naples attempting to find the port. We had 2 minutes before the ferry left and I had kind of given up hope that we would make it but the ferry guys saw us running and held the ferry for us which was incredibly sweet. One guy actually took us into the employee entrace of the ticket office so that we could get our tickets as quickly as possible and then led us onto the ferry and man oh man am I glad we made that boat because the ride to Sorrento was breathtaking. The fog was just starting to clear and the views of Mt. Vesuvius and Capri were simply incredible. After a hectic morning, the boat ride put us into the relaxed mood we needed to have for beautiful Sorrento. In Sorrento we  walked around the lovely town, bought some jewelry and sunglasses, spyed on a few weddings, and headed down to the sea for some much needed swim and tan action. We left Sorrento Saturday night and while I had an amazing time, I was very glad to be back in Rome. I am starting to consider this magnificient place my home and I think other students are doing so as well because at dinner Sunday night everyone seemed really happy to be back from their weekend excursions.

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