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My First Day on Exchange in Sevilla

My First Day on Exchange in Sevilla

Where are you from? – Chicago What are you studying? – International Business

I was asked these questions about 200 times my first day of exchange and by the end of the day I knew where all the international students are from and what they study. My first day as an exchange student at Loyola Universidad Andalucia was pretty great. I met students from the U.S., Sweden, Greece, Germany, Argentina, Poland, Belgium, France, Italy, Cyprus, Mexico and of course the Netherlands which makes up half the exchange student population. Although we all speak different languages and have completely different cultures we all have one thing in common. We are all foreigners in Spain. We spent the first couple days together exploring the streets of Seville, drinking tintos and cervezas, eating tapas, and trying to figure out which bus goes where. The best part about being on exchange, other than living in beautiful Sevilla, is meeting other exchange students that understand the difficulty of being foreigners. The best way to broaden your international relations is to go on exchange. From what I’ve witnessed, Erasmus students are a little wild but pretty great. Go travel. Go study. Come to Sevilla!

Touring the center of Sevilla!


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