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My Final Love Letter to Roma

My Final Love Letter to Roma

To Roma:

My dearest Roma, you passionate but stubborn lover. The last four months have been an emotional rollercoaster, but so are all the best relationships. When we met in August you seemed decadent, bold, moving, and overwhelming, but I’ve come to learn that there is more to you than that. From learning your history, and discovering that there is so much more to you outside the Colosseum walls, I’ve fallen in love with every hidden ruin. You taught me what real food tastes like, and I love that I can blame you for any extra kilos I’m now carrying around. I knew from the moment I first tried your suppli that we were a match made in heaven. You taught me about art, history, people, and il dolce far niente. The more I got to know you the more in love with you I fell.

Like all relationships, however, it wasn’t always butterflies and rainbows. There were times, usually when I was waiting 45 minutes in the rain for a bus to come, when I thought we should end this. There were times when I thought that I could live without you. When I was writing a paper at 2am and couldn’t order food, or when I sat down to Mensa and thought, Really? Eggplant AGAIN? Your inability to drive and park a car drives me crazy, and I often found myself wondering how you get anything done with your inefficient attitude. There were moments of struggle, for sure, but I believe that those struggles only made us stronger.

And every time, without fail, when I began to question your love, your beauty, you always found a way to prove it to me. I would suddenly find myself watching the sunrise over the Forum, or standing in the middle of the Sistine Chapel, overwhelmed with this experience. You, Roma, move me and inspire me in ways I never thought possible. And, more importantly, you encourage me to grow and change. You helped me become a stronger, independent person and I am a better woman today because I met you.

But now comes the time to say goodbye. Although I would never want to leave you I must go. I can’t imagine a life without this city, and don’t know how I’m going to make it without your charming streets, your amazing food, and your passion that livens up even the hardest of hearts. These four months have been the most incredible four months of my life, and I’ll never forget them. Thank you for being the most amazing city I could have ever called home. I’ll miss you everyday, but I’ll take the memories and lessons I’ve learned with me wherever I go, and know that we will be reunited again soon. I threw my coin into the Trevi to prove it.

Con amore,


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