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Modena: Italy’s Racing Heritage

Modena: Italy’s Racing Heritage

Ciao tutti-

Last weekend was a very exciting weekend for me, as it was the weekend of my 21st birthday. As part of my celebration, I decided to venture to Modena, a city in the Emilia-Romania region of Italy where the racing company Ferrari was born.

After a few hours of travel, I finally arrived to the city. What was unusual about this particular day, however, was the fact that there were several inches of snow on the ground. Although I am used to the snow from being from the Midwestern United States, this was an abnormal occurrence for the people in this city; as such, travel and walking was incredibly difficult. Nonetheless, I was ready to explore the town.

My first stop, of course, was for lunch. Because many restaurants were closed due to the snow, I was forced to eat at a hotel restaurant. Though a bit overpriced and not the best food I have had in Emilia-Romania, the food and service was still quite good.

Before I even ordered anything, the wait staff brought me a free glass of prosecco, some bread, and prosciutto cotto (aka bologna). For lunch, I ordered a piece of bruschetta alla Modenese, lasagne alle Bolognese, and some Chianti red wine. Although the lasagna that I had in Bologna last semester was much more flavorful, I still preferred this lasagna over the lasagna from our orientation trip, as I prefer lasagna with a meaty ragu sauce instead of a mostly tomato-based sauce. The bruschetta antipasto was very flavorful; it was a combination of rosemary, cheese, balsamic vinagrette, and parma ham. Overall, this was a very good restaurant for an otherwise rainy and snowy day.

After lunch, I ventured to the city’s main attraction, which was the Enzo Ferrari Museum. Once I got inside, I was warmly greeted by a hostess who gave me my ticket and showed me the entrance. Inside the main car exhibit floor, there were several models of Masseratis, Ferraris, and Fiats. In addition, there was a whole history of the Ferrari company, as well as how involved the town of Modena was in its production.

In addition, there was a side building, where there were more cars, as well as a historical account of the life of Enzo Ferrari, the master behind the “Prancing Horse.” In one exhibit, there was a letter that explained how Ferrari could have entered into a deal with Ford to build a supercar. However, Ferrari wanted to preserve the integrity of his brand, as well as keep the heritage of the company all Italian. Instead, Ford decided to merge with the British car company Shelby; so thanks for Ferrari, the Shelby Cobra supercar from Ford and Shelby was created. If Ferrari had accepted the deal, the history behind the Mustang would be much different.

I was very grateful to see this museum and visit the town of Modena, as I have a great appreciation and love for everything car related, as well as for the food of Emilia-Romania.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, and I look forward to posting again soon!

A presto,


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