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Malta J-Term 2014

Malta J-Term 2014


I am a junior at Loyola, majoring in English and International Studies.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to travel to Rome/Malta and learn about human rights and refugee issues.  My long-term career interests are in this direction, so when I heard about this J-term section I jumped on it immediately.  I knew next to nothing about Malta when I heard about the course, and still know very little, so I trust that I will learn a great deal over the course of this trip!

From the little that I have read, the refugee situation is becoming an increasingly pressing concern for European nations, and in particular southern Europe.  Malta is an island located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, south of Sicily.  Refugees from northern African nations, middle eastern countries, etc., attempt to enter Europe by way of ships to Malta and other small northern Mediterranean islands, creating social and economic pressures on local governments.  Here is a recent article reporting on treatment of refugees at the detainment facilities where refugees are held:

Time to board my flight, so more to come soon!

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