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Let’s Talk About Impact

Let’s Talk About Impact

In just two weeks since arriving here I’ve seen the Roman Forum, The Temple of Poseidon, The Colosseum, The Vatican, and spent a weekend on the Amalfi Coast. Just let that sink in for a second. Photos and blog posts alike are incapable of describing what it feels like to watch the sunrise on the Amalfi Coast with your best friends. These are places I’ve seen in textbooks and movies for the last 15 years of my life, and in just two weeks I have experienced all of them in person.


I’ve noticed the culture shock of being in a totally foreign environment slowly diminishing as I become more comfortable with my surroundings through each new experience. I can confidently say I’m not the most traveled person in the world, and I used to stray away from breaking out of my comfort zone. This past weekend on our final orientation trip, all the JFRC students congregated in a small conference room to hear a speech from the program directors before dinner. They promised us that in one way or another, our experience in Rome at the JFRC would transform us. It wouldn’t change who we are completely, but rather make us more rich in culture and open a new world of perspective. In just two weeks, I’m beginning to see this transformation take shape. I’m more hungry than I have ever been to experience new things, and make an effort to embrace every new individual around me.


In the next four weeks I will be traveling to London, Paris, and Barcelona with my friends. I’ve only scratched the surface what is possible in terms of fostering community and gaining knowledge while out of the states, and I can’t wait for the next adventure. I truly mean it when I say all students should study abroad if possible, as I’ve seen the same changes in myself occur for countless others in only 14 days.


To stay up to date on all the photos I’m taking while here, follow my instagram @scottjzimmerman. If you have questions or doubts about the JFRC, feel free to reach out to me via email:


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