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I’ve seen a cleaner pool at a motel.

I’ve seen a cleaner pool at a motel.

It’s been quite a great week if I do say so myself. The weather as been very great (with the exception of a random 15 minute hail storm on wednesday). So that just set the tone for this said great week.

Monday was actually kind of a buzz kill, full day of classes. But I did get to have one last dinner with the ‘rents before they left the next morning. So that in and of itself made the day better. Sad to see them go, it was great to have them here. Sheesh my dad was here for nearly a month! So kind of weird to not have him around but it’s also good to have my freedom back. One month left, gotta make it count!

Tuesday, clearly nothing earth-shattering happened because I cannot remember really much of anything that went on. I know I stayed up late for some reason, which was dumb because I woke up with a cold that morning (but now today, saturday, I’m back to normal, I was popping vitamins like it was my job…kicked this cold’s butt). I want to say I wrote my Theology paper on tuesday afternoon…Oh wait, tuesday was a really nice day, so I said “no thanks” to homework and yes to laying outside for 3 hours, as did most of us.

WEDNESDAY, if you know me at all you know what I’m about to talk about. That’s right, calcio. Other things happened Wednesday too, more laying outside in the sun and reading. As well as studying for an Italian quiz I had on thursday. But let’s get to the important stuff. Calcio. First off undefeated Lime was taking on one loss Red (we are 2nd in front of Red by virtue of goals for/against). Red decided to not help us out and went and lost to Lime. That just meant we had to take care of business in our game against Orange, and boy did we ever take care of business. Orange has had a rough season (no wins) and so we knew we didn’t have to go hard, but apparently we did. Jumped out to a 6-0 half time lead, at which point I requested to be pulled from goal and put into a field position, it was getting quite boring back there (I did make few easy saves). Not 2 minutes into the 2nd half, I am in front of Orange’s goal, I get a stellar pass from Connor and one time it with my left foot into the goal. Adding another goal near the end of the game I finished with 2. Final score was a shocking 10-1 (My replacement Joey ruined my bid for a clean sheet…haha but he was a sport for taking over and letting me play field). So this sets up a very TASTY match up for next week. Undefeated Lime vs. 2nd place Team Green (us)….a classic battle of titans…winner gets first place. It is onnnn. (I realize I talk about calcio a lot…but you gotta be here, it gets real fun and competitive)

Thursday, was another beautiful warm day (sensing a theme here?). Just had my one class as usual. Felt kind of blah due to my cold, but laying in the sun helped for sure. Side note: It was also my dad’s b-day. So hooray for that. That night a number of us just hung out, shared music and watched Black Swan. FREAKY MOVIE. Very dark and crazy. But I thought it was good.

Friday, I was planning on getting some shopping for gifts done BUT Roma atac (buses) had other plans, they decided to strike again. So hence, a few of us just decided to walk down to the Vatican for Burger King and gelato (bad i know, but I needed a burger). Afterward we laid out in piazza risorgimento and felt fat. Luckily it was after 5pm at that point so they buses were running again, but evidently some buses never stopped running? They do strikes all wrong here. Sooo because of this long day of walking around in the sun, I was hot and tired so we chilled around the J-Force for the evening. But not before getting food from the grocery for the picnic the next day. Which brings me to….

Saturday!! (today). Got up, not early, but at a reasonable hour and took the metro to Villa Borghese. For those of you who don’t know, its a big park, much like Central Park in New York. It’s got gardens, walking paths, bikes to rent…and a lot more vendors than in central park…can’t go two minutes without some guy trying to sell you roses. So we had our little picnic out in the sun, laid there for a while (I’m a little burnt now…but totally worth it). Now there is a zoo there as well, so I knew I had to hit that up. It was kind of pricey for a smaller sized zoo (12 euros) but it was a zoo nonetheless and I am a fan. Some of the animals kind of seemed sad or didn’t have a lot of energy, which you do not see in the US zoo’s. The pool that the white seal was in just looked like a pool at a crappy motel, leaves and crud on the surface, I felt bad. So perhaps they treat zoos differently over here, I mean it’s a whole different lifestyle, so why wouldn’t the zoo be different, just something to think about. After that, we walked down Via del Corso, i wanted to go to the Adidas store, but for some reason we did not find it, we realized later that we walked passed it, probably when we were complaining about the tourists on the sidewalk. Oh well, it’s probably for the best I didn’t spend money on sporting clothes…but I’ll probably go back tomorrow…they have cool stuff there. But seriously, it has been a great weekend…probably one of the best I’ve had since coming here. I can’t even accurately put it into words it was so good. I am just happy right now, that’s all I can say. (Despite the sunburn).

NOW, it’s off to go eat the cannoli I picked up on the way back to campus earlier…well I got two, so I will probably eat both, but we’ll see.

All that said, this week went pretty fast…and that’s kind of scary. I half want time to go fast so I will be home, I mean I won’t lie, I am missing a lot of stuff. But at the same time I am having a great time here, stellar even. So I half don’t want it to end. Oh life is tough eh?

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