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I promise I’m learning (:

I promise I’m learning (:

Salaam (:

The first few times I called home, when I told my family everything we have been doing, it didn’t sound like we were really in school and I know they worried about whether I was really learning or not. So, after after being in Amman for a little more than one month, these are the few things I have learned. (:

Go adventure! Meet people!

Be strong. And Aware. And find the balance of keeping my guard up while also remaining soft and kind.

Try all the new foods.

Do the things I can’t do at home — prioritize spending time & money on experiences not things.

REFLECT REFLECT REFLECT — It is what slows things down and puts me where I am or else everything will just blur by faster than it already does.

Say thank you (:

Drink all the tea!

Listen to people. Get lost in listening to them. Don’t worry so much about the time. Ask them about their life here and what they love about their life!

Pay attention to those around me who make me feel good, appreciate them, and focus on making them feel good too.

Allow people to do nice things for me — then reciprocate!

Contact my family often!!! — Everything for me here is new but for them, life is mostly the same just without me there — so call them and tell them I love them all the time (:

Look up the facebook events in my city so I can do many things!

Find ways to pick myself up when I’m feelin down — music, movies, books, exercise, going outside, dancing, sunsets, climb trees, swim!!

*** Be sure to sincerely thank those who have helped me to have these opportunities & those who have helped me feel welcomed. Then GIVE BACK to the community that has welcomed me!

“Few things in this world are worth feeling like an unwelcomed guest” – Nujeen Mustafa

Remember what it felt like to be a guest so that when I go back home I can warmly welcome others and go out of my way to help them the way countless people have done for me here.

(and of course I am learning arabic and tons of things about humanitarian aid also!!)



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