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Host Families

Hola queridos!

Meet Lupita, Gonzalo Sr., Gina and Gonzalo Jr. They are my host family and they’re fabulous (see attached foto of Lupita y Gonzalo). Lupita is a Mexican version of Bette Midler with her appearance and attitude, but she also feeds you and loves to dance and fight with her husband. Gonzalo is a funny old guy that loves talking…about anything, really. And making fun of his wife. Gina is funny, cool, smart and interesting. Early 30s, good job, super fun to hang out with. And has awesome, crazy travel stories. Gonzalo Jr. loves to laugh, loves going to movies, super-smart, and knows all the cool places to go. After a month of living in the Melendez house, I’m starting to feel like part of the family. Since the Melendezes have hosted 34 (yes, 34) exchange students in the past 9 years, they are pretty much pro’s; both kids went to La Ibero so they are very familiar with the school.They have lived in the Chapultepec area for quite some time, so they know the ins and outs of the city and how to get around, places to avoid at night, the usual.

For me, living with a host family really helps me adjust to living in Mexico. But, I know people that prefer to do the apartment thing since they are used to being a little more independent, which I can see. Personally, it makes me more comfortable having a family around since I’m very used to being near my family. I guess it depends on what you are used to, but I would suggest to any prospective student to try the host family situation since it gives you that support system which is necessary when you are abroad in a foreign country, and it seriously helps your Spanish.

It’s nice to come home after a long day of school and commuting to a delicious dinner and have a family ask about your day and your classes and know that they are here to help.

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