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Gettin’ Rich in Oman: A Users Guide (for Americans)

Gettin’ Rich in Oman: A Users Guide (for Americans)

So in 2006 the creation of a US-Oman free trade agreement was approved. It finally came into action in January 2009 in addition to all the amenities that come with traditional FTAs (no tariffs and trade barriers), it also created certain – perks to help facilitate American foreign investment in to Oman.

Because of the FTA, American-owned businesses that are started in Oman are given the same treatment as Omani-owned businesses. Also – the standard initial investment need to start a business in Oman is like OMR 60,000 ($150,000 about) but for American businesses this amount is reduced to only OMR 20,000 ($50,000 about).

So here’s what you do. Just because you are an American you immediately have explicit advantages over other nationalities looking to invest in Oman. So you find a foreign company – tell ’em, “hey, I’m an American, I can get a market for your product started in Oman right quick. Plus – I know the culture, speak the language, and can find my way around the city and the government – just give me 5% and you’ll have three million new potential customers”

After my time in Oman I plan to study at the Beijing Center in China. My goal at graduation is too be an expert in the Middle East, East Asia, Economics, and local languages (I speak French, I’m learning Arabic now, and soon will know Mandarin). If I can find a Chinese corporation looking to expand, and can give them the inherent advantages of my nationality in Oman as well as my knowledge of the region – boom. I’ve done it.

So there’s that. Insha’allah.

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