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Finding Home in Rome

Finding Home in Rome

The Trevi fountain, the women in stilettos on cobblestone streets, the gelato, the smell of Italian fresh flowers – it has all been a whirlwind of impressive beauty here in Rome! I am currently in day three at my new home in the JFRC where I will reside for the next five weeks.  The whole time I’ve been here I have felt completely full.  Maybe from the genuine meats, cheeses and pasta served here at the JFRC and the full four course meal we had on a day trip yesterday.  Maybe from what seems like a heightened sense of smell I’ve received from the clean air and poignant smells of food and scenery.  Maybe from the rich history that I am surrounded by.  Regardless, in the past 72 hours I have absorbed so much of Rome and it has left me with a feeling of warmth and thankfulness.

Classes began today, and to those reading for future experience on study abroad – do it!  I cannot explain enough how much I have learned, seen, and enjoyed in the past three days alone.  My first day of class revealed that my experiences here are far from full and also are far from being over.  In my Italian culture and context class I will be experiencing Rome by learning to make pizza, taste testing food & wine, and also touring monasteries in the countryside.  The day trips ahead of us in our group sound incredible – the ancient & beautiful Abrazzo, Tuscany, Pompei, etc!  I know from the tour of the rolling green Lazio countryside yesterday and the Palazzo Frenese day trip yesterday that this experience is far from over.  My feeling of being whole is only the beginning and I cannot wait to spill over more of my experiences to be recorded on this blog.

Until next time! Xoxo, ciao!

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