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Events to do in Nantes

Events to do in Nantes

In France there is never an absence of things to do (or, as the slang goes, des trucs à faire).


I am in my fourth week here and I absolutely adore the culture. I love getting to know the city of Nantes during my long walks and meeting new people at the university and around my host family’s home.

There is also a lot going on in such a small city.

Nantes is located in the Pays-du-Loire region just south of Brittany, in the northwest of France. Paris is located near to the center of the country. As the 6th largest city in France, Nantes has prestige as a city of many sides. It has 2 rivers flowing through its picturesque downtown. The Loire River flows through the southern part of the city from east to west, and the Erdre River flows from north to south towards the western part of the city, near the University of Nantes.


The host mother Marine gave me a pamphlet on ideas on what to do in Nantes. The family regularly goes on weekend vacations, so I will be alone this weekend to explore the locale and do some new activities.


Wish me luck! I will keep you in the loop about what I choose to do.





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