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Ahoj! Dobry Den!

Ahoj! Dobry Den!

I am week into my 4 month stay in Prague. I know I have been negligent on my postings but my week has been a flurry of activity and exploration.  I am halfway through my intensive Czech language class and it has been both fascinating and difficult.   The language sounds like a mix between the Slavic languages and German. It does not come naturally to me at all but my teacher is fabulous. She takes our class on daily field trips to practice with the locals and to learn practical survival tips like how to ask for meat at the grocery store.

Outside of the classroom, USAC planned a plethora of activities for us so that we could know our way around. Here is a list of some of the fantastic experiences that I have been lucky enough to have as of now.

-River boat cruise on the Vltava River under the Charles Bridge. Some of the teachers from the university were there with their children and it was a lovely time to meet the knowledgeable individuals who will further my academic experience while I am abroad. Plus, the scenery was breathtaking.

-My politics teacher is very impressive. He speaks more than 6 languages and knows something about everything. He had a pre-class meeting because he will be absent for our first day of class. He is such a wealth of knowledge and I cannot wait for real class to start so he can share his wisdom with us.

-Saw a Czech Concert in Old Town Square. A couple of my new friends and I happened to stumble upon a Czech pop concert. It was hilarious and we danced like crazy fools.

– I was stopped by the metro police and showed my transportation pass ( it nearly gave me a heart attack). The public transportation system here is on the honor code. There are no attendants moderating the tickets but there are undercover security. If they show you their badge, you  then have to produce your ticket or you will be fined 500 crowns for not paying the metro, tram, or bus fare. We have transportation passes through USAC  (much like the handy-dandy Upass) so we do not have to worry about it. Nonetheless, it was a  little intimidating.

-Walked everywhere. I love to walk back in Chicago, but seriously I have never walked this much in my life.  I go on exploration walks with my friends every day and we literally walk for hours looking at the beautiful architecture and listening to all the different languages.

-Found the best Mexican food place in Prague. My favorite food is Mexican and I had prepared myself before I left to be in withdrawal for 4 months. However, I found a tasty little place, coincidentally enough, on America street.  I am gluten intolerant so I am not able to eat much of the traditional food. It consists of a lot of pork in sauces, bread dumplings,  baked goods, fried and picked cheese and beer. Most of this has wheat in it, so I have been finding  alternative options. I have had Chinese, Thai, Korean, and  Mexican food. 🙂

Overall, Prague is both a photographer and a political historian’s dream. Its captivating and picturesque buildings  combined with the intricate history of a country that has survived almost untouched since medieval times is the perfect place to study.  I love what I have seen in the past week and cannot  wait to experience more.

Happy reading!

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