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Dear Luggage, please do me a favor and pack yourself.

Dear Luggage, please do me a favor and pack yourself.

Situation:I’m flying from Chicago to Prague tomorrow at 5:10 pm with 2 layovers in Brussels and Budapest.

Problem: I currently  have no packed luggage.

I have always been a bit of a packing procrastinator. Even as I little kid, I would always be the last in my family to pack. I’m not sure if you would categorize cramming my stuffed animals in my pink barbie backpack as packing, but work with me here. Some things never change. While I may have upgraded to a monogramed luggage set, my tendencies for procrastination are still intact.

I have spent the last few days saying my goodbyes and buying last minute purchases.  While they have been unsurprisingly difficult, I cannot feel anything but pure elation. I half excitedly, half anxiously await my arrival in Prague.  I am starting my yearlong adventure in Europe and I cannot imagine a more perfect place for me to study than Prague.  I hear it’s one of my the most magical cities in Europe,  mostly untouched by WWII, so I will take a plethora of pictures and share them with you as often as I can. I’m in a perpetual state of disbelief at my good fortune so I’m sure someone will have to pinch me when I get there.

Hopefully, I will have some luggage to take with me tomorrow. As for now, onward and upward. Let my adventures begin.

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