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C’est la vie!

C’est la vie!


Baroque concert at La Chapelle de Sacré Coeur

Lemon sugar butter crèpe!

Cappuccino <3

Cappuccino à la awesome! Or a cappuccino with whipped cream and coco powder.

“Un Monaco” – beer, fizzy lemonade, and grenadine



Vendome  Pavillion

Le Vendome Pavillion Gardens

Vendome Pavillion Sculpture

(The Vendome Pavilion was commissioned by Louis, the Duke of Vendome, to be built by Antoine Matisse around 1666. The small chateau was  originally constructed as a place where Louis could take his lover, Lucrèce de Forbin Solliès, also known as the “Belle du Canet.” The Pavilion Vendome now is a historic house that also functions as a museum surrounded by gorgeous gardens in which people can stroll, read, etc.)

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