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Bari… It’s in Puglia… It’s in Italy.

Bari… It’s in Puglia… It’s in Italy.

This past weekend I told several people I was going to Bari, Italy and the people seemed confused. “Where is that?” and “What is there?” These responses concerned me because the only people who knew anything about Bari were my Italian professor and my roommate who went there earlier in the year. Of course my friend and I looked up things to do, but we planned on spending 3 days there. We weren’t sure if we would have enough to see in this small city. The trip ended up being fantastic and filled with action! We saw the two churches of the patron saints of Bari: Saint Nicholas and Saint Sabino, ate AMAZING seafood, and walked through this hardly renovated old town. It was a nice getaway from the chaos of Rome.

On our last day, Sunday, my friend and I took a day trip to Poglinano a mare which was just 30 minutes away from the center of Bari. With white apartments on top of cliffs surrounded by the sea, it looked like pictures of Greece that I’ve seen. That town was even more untouched with small side streets and everyone’s laundry hanging above.

Our trip to Bari was pretty last minute; we planned it a week before and everything worked out alright. I would not go back anytime soon because we saw all of the town, but it would be nice to visit for a vacation. Below are some pictures from my time in Bari!

IMG_7095   IMG_7092        IMG_7121

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