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A Weekend in Bologna

A Weekend in Bologna

Snapshot Concept Based on a Forgotten Note on my Phone

Based on a true story.

Sitting in an apartment

in Bologna, Italy

Surrounded by people I’ve never met 2 weeks ago

Bob Dylan & guitar riffs playing in the background

Dainty jewelry around the necks of everyone

My cousin venting to me about a world back home

that I’m temporarily not a part of. 

This weekend’s agenda included an impromptu trip to Bologna, Italy. While the rest of my classmates booked their tickets to Florence and Venice, my friends and I took the road less traveled and explored the vastly underrated streets of Bologna.

Getting There

The trip from Rome ran smoothly, a two hour train ride that shot like a bullet through the vessels of an Italian underground. While we did buy train tickets a few days prior, I would definitely recommend saving the headache and booking as quickly as possible. Be flexible!! Incognito windows are the move!! As for lodging, we booked swiftly enough to find an Airbnb in the heart of Bologna (this is a major 🔑 when traveling as location is essential) and our host was sweet as can be. Bigger groups equals less money per person, and as college students, I’m sure we can all appreciate that.

*Sidenote: be sure to pay careful attention to the details of your ticket! It can be confusing to navigate a strange terminal. My friend Sammi and I split from the group and ended up on an entirely different train (it gave us panic for sure). Spoiler moment, I’m writing this from Rome so rest assured we made it safely back but save yourself the hassle and give yourself time to pay attention!!

Foreign Land

It’s easy to get caught up in sightseeing and wanting to see everything in the limited time you’re visiting a new area. It can definitely be intimidating to get an opinion out there when you’re traveling with a new group, but it’s definitely worth having a conversation with your traveling buddies and doing your research before you head out. Where are the museums? Parks? Restaurants? Where do the college students hang out? Behind our Airbnb we discovered a completely hidden avenue of bars and restaurants halfway through the weekend that caught us completely by surprise. Explore! Ask your host where they recommend for tourists (although I recommend to live like a local. It’s super satisfying to be surrounded by true Italians enjoying authentic Italian food and basking in the company and atmosphere).

The Best Part: Food

Although I’ve been vegetarian for a few months now, I’ve never had a problem finding great bites around the city. 051, a local favorite, had tortellini and lasagna that made us want to keep coming back for more. American Graffiti Diner had some of the biggest burgers we’ve ever seen, which made us laugh skeptically about the typical American stereotype. Street Toast sandwiches were heavenly, with a huge menu (with vegetarian and vegan options) that was definitely worth the 5 euro. Not sure if this is common in Italy but Vencchi has gelato that will cure any craving and the flavors are incredible.

The most memorable part of the weekend had to be on a breezy evening in our apartment. The sun was beginning to set which cast an orange glow on the walls. Everyone was basked in a golden light and the sound of Bob Dylan was echoing from someone’s phone. Our appetites had been satisfied by the carbs we’d consumed. Truffles and liquor chocolates bought from the narrow markets were being passed around to satisfy a lingering sweet tooth (sorry we finished them all, Alexa). Everyone was laughing and the aura of being good company clung to our clothes like static. It was like a montage from a movie. Once your find a group of people you can trust and travel with, these magic moments come along and give you a peace that this entire experience was worth it.


Ci vediamo!


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