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Laid up for Spring Break

Laid up for Spring Break

Since I’m a bit laid up, I haven’t had energy to blog (I’ll explain real soon) Here is a post from my other blog, since I started this blog late. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

012 – Vive il Papa

If you know anything about the Italian language you probably guessed what the title says/is referring to. For the rest of you it means “long live the father” (aka The Pope).

That being said, let’s dive right into blogging shall we?

Pretty uneventful start to the week. You know the whole “having class” thing. But they call it study abroad for a reason. I gotta say I’m really getting used to life over here. It’s still wayyy different than in America. I still prefer the hustle and bustle, but this is a welcome break from all of that. Lately I find myself staying up quite late and waking up early, so basically the typical life of a college student. As for missing my American tv shows you may ask? It’s not so bad. I have my ways of watching them if necessary, but again, this is a nice break from all those distractions, though now I’m finding that this blog/uploading pictures is a new distraction. Don’t worry, exploring comes first…the pictures and updates some second. I really can’t wait for spring break in Greece. That is going to be super amazing. Wait, I’m going to Paris on FRIDAY. Let’s enjoy that first!

Alora, oggi andiamo visitare il papa! Today was our semi-private audience with the Pope. So a number of us got up and left at 6:30am (for a 10:30am start time) in order to get good seats. We got 2nd row, so it was worth it to get up that early. It took place in an audience hall just to the left of the basilica, a pretty cool room if you ask me. After what seemed like forever of sitting there, Bennedetto XVI came out to a pretty rousing applause. Various bishops then welcomed everyone in various languages. Next was Bennie’s speech, in what I think was latin/italian(?), he was kind of mumbling. Then the same bishops came back up and announced the various groups in attendance. Some groups, when announced, sang a song (like the group of Polish school girls, who kind of looked Amish with their weird get-ups). We at the Rome Center had no song prepared. We just clapped and he gave us what I like to call the “Gary Zilavy Three-Finger How You Doing (C)”

It was pretty incredible to be that close to such a worldly figure. Even if you aren’t Catholic or whatever he’s still a famous and commendable person. Then to wrap up the audience, he sang the Our Father in Latin (thought it was a dead language, but we’ll go with it) and then proceed to generally bless the items we had, and I mean everything. Yes, if you had a pack of gum in your pocket, it is now blessed. Mother if you are reading this. I had picked up a pack of a dozen rosaries, yes a dozen. And I will be distributing them to family and friends. I also had picked up a St. Michael necklace charm and chain on the super cheap, figure I’ll be a necklace guy for a while.

On a slightly less exciting note, the calico (soccer) teams were announced. I’m on team Green, which means nothing really for you people. But just know Team Green is going to dominate this calcio league.

Right then, hope everyone is safe and sound on account of the Blizzard of 2011. Send me some pictures! I’m a little upset. I love snow. But then again, I’ll take 55 and sunny.

I’ll post again after this weekend in Paris. Also GO PACK GO!!!!

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