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I Am Having Too Much Fun

I Am Having Too Much Fun

Hola Todos!!

I know it seems like I am always have the best time over here and I just want to reiterate…I am having the best time over here!  Last week my friends and I went to a futbol game, it was Real Madrid against the Seville team (I do not remember their name).  Madrid won and I guess that is why I can not remember the other teams name!  It was really cool seeing the players in person, the whole team is VERY good looking.  My friend Bianca met some Brits at the airport on her way back from Barcelona and we showed them around Sunday and Monday.  They were awesome!  So funny and so sweet.  We really had a good time showing them around, and it was cool to show people around our new city, it definitely made us realize how well we know this place.   Saying goodbye to them was a dose of what it is going to be like saying goodbye to all of these wonderful people I have met here studying abroad.  It is too sad to think about.

We had great weather most of the week, so I went to Retiro a lot.  We had a test on Thursday and had a study session in the park, it was really nice.  Friday, the USAC group went to Salamanca!  Salamanca is a gorgeous college town about 2 hours from Madrid.  The collage in Salamanca is the oldest in Europe!  If you ever visit Salamanca you have to find the frog, that is right the frog, on the outside of the collage wall.  Supposedly the nightlife in Salamanca is really fun, but I did not stay the night.  Last night my friends and I went to a Thi restaurant and then got crepes at our crepe spot!  It was a great end to a long day!  I do not have plans yet for this weekend, I might just go souvenir shopping!  Vamos a ver (We will see).

I am going to Malaga on Tuesday for 5 days!!  Malaga is a small town in the south of Spain right on the beach!  I went once when I was little so I am excited to go again!


Alright so some things that I have noticed:

People cuss all the time.  Sometimes it seems like every other word is a cuss word.  Now cussing here is a bit different.  In the states we have a bunch of bad words and a couple of really really bad words, here they have a few really really bad words, they get really creative with them, and they go after your feelings.  They say things we would NEVER say in the states because it is just rude!  For example,  They say, “I ‘poop’ on your dead people.”  WHY would you say something like that?  They also say,  “I ‘poop’ on the communion host.”  WHY would you EVER say that??  These are just some of the examples I can give online, it gets much worse.  The vulgarity is amazing.  I feel like we would not even think to say these things in the states, especially screaming them at the television in a bar to a futbol player…

The futbol fans are intense!!  They really get into the game!  They cuss the players out when they win the game so I was wondering what they would say if they lost the game.  Well, I found out Wednesday night in the bar near my house.  Real Madrid lost them game 4-1 and the fans were tripping out.  The vulgarity in the bar was too intense for me, I was just laughing at it.  The creativity is amazing!

So the crisis is getting really bad.  On Thursday we got an email saying that there was going to be a demonstration in Sol, the center of the city, and as American citizens we were advised to stay out of that area and preferably at home.  This demonstration was unlike the others because it was not authorized.  People stole from stores, had lockouts and sit ins, there were bombs being thrown, SWAT was there beating people up and taking them to jail, it was just a bad scene.  I stayed at home and watched it on the news.


Okay that is all for now!!  Stay Tuned! 🙂

Tyler Monroe

The group at the GAME!


Ellie!! Our new British Friend!
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