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我的冒险到上海!My Adventure to Shang Hai!

我的冒险到上海!My Adventure to Shang Hai!

Just a week or so after spring break, we were lucky enough to have another break! This break was for the Tomb Sweeping Festival. This festival is to honor the ancestors and clean out the house and the shrines. My friend and I decided to go to Shanghai to visit one the sites, and also meet up with my old high school friend, Brandon, who has been studying in Shanghai all year!

Once we met up with Brandon, we went to tons of places in Shanghai! We went to all the tourist attractions, some museums, a French market, and also got to visit Brandon’s university.

My favorite part about Shanghai was the Bund and the lake view! Both views were amazing! Even though it was raining off and on during our stay, going to the lake was relaxing and fun! The bund was amazing because it was our last day, and it was bright, sunny, and warm! We got to see beautiful views and walk along the lake. It’s amazing how all the architecture is Westernized! All the buildings were so unique and different, and at night, the lights were amazing! Buildings have moving pictures and saying scrolling across the buildings, and many of them had changing colors!

The next few posts will be posted later. We’re in our last two week stretch with finals! I’ll keep you all updated when I can!

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