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Electronic W9/W8 Submission Form

Monday, October 14th, 2019

Accounts Payable is pleased to announce a new Electronic W9/W8 form. Loyola will be asking all new (or inactive) vendors and payees to complete the Electronic W9/W8 Form via our new web form portal ( beginning October 15, 2019.

Some of the enhancements of this new form are:

• Acceptance of electronic signature

• LUC Faculty & Staff are able to send a unique link to vendors to complete the form

• The LUC contact receives an email once the vendor submits the form to AP

• Secure submission of sensitive information

• Automatic integration into DocFinity

• No longer need to submit W-9’s via secure transfer to Accounts Payable

• Enhanced ability to track expiration dates & proactively work with vendors for recertification

This comprehensive web form provides all of the common elements of the basic IRS Form W-9 while also providing important demographic information for each vendor or payee. This new form will replace the standard issue IRS W-9 form, as well as the previously available “Vendor Information and Substitute W-9 Form”.

All information collected via our new web form will be securely stored and will not be shared with any entity outside of the source department unless required by law. We recommend that you save a link to the web form on the browser of your choice. Vendors will be able to login to our new system directly and securely transmit their information to us via the online form. Anytime there is a change to a vendor’s address or banking information, they should complete a new Electronic W9/W8 form.

Detailed instructions on completing the new form are available on our website at We appreciate your continued efforts to achieve consistency and compliance across the university.