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2016 Payroll Year End Reminders

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

As the 2016 year end approaches, please keep in mind the following important reminders.

Floating Holidays / Personal Days:

Remember that you have until Thursday, December 22nd to use your Floating Holiday and Personal days for 2016.  If you are unsure if you have used your days in 2016, please follow the steps below to view leave balance information:

  • Log into Employee Self Service (Must be connected to Loyola’s network to access)
  • Click Personal Information->Leave Balances
  • Click on the tabs to view your available hours.
  • Under Balance Details, click on the available time link to view the dates that you have accrued and used time.

Click here to view the 2016 & 2017 Payroll & Holiday Calendars.

Personal Information Review

Don’t forget to double check your personal information for your W-2! Using your most recent pay stub in Employee Self Service, please review your name, address and last 4 digits of your SSN.  If anything needs to be updated, please use the following forms.

Tax Withholding Review

Now is also a good time to do a personal review of your Federal and State tax withholdings for 2016. You can view your current elections using Payment Modeling in Employee Self Service.

To make any changes in your elections, use the following W-4 forms and submit to Human Resources.

Electronic W-2

If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up to receive your W-2 electronically. Read about the benefits of receiving your W-2 electronically and find step-by-step instructions for how to sign-up by following the link below:


Kronos Upgrade & Downtime

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Financial Services and ITS will begin upgrading the KRONOS Time Card System. The upgrade will take place between 7:00 pm Tuesday, December 6, 2016 and 7:00 pm Wednesday, December 7, 2016. During this time, users will not be able to login to or access the Kronos application.

Financial Services and ITS requests all departmental users logoff KRONOS by 6:00 pm Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

For those employees who swipe at KRONOS Time Clocks, they should continue to use the clocks during the downtime. The punches will be stored in the clocks and will be sent to the time cards once the system is back online.

For employees who time stamp or enter their in and out time via the web application, they should keep detailed track of all hours worked during the downtime. Managers may need to enter this time once the application is available.

Also, we are excited to announce that the new version of Kronos is Java free and compatible with all web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)!

All of the current functionality will remain the same, such as recording your start and stop times, as well as entering your exception hours, such as Sick, Vacation, Personal or Holiday time.

Documentation and manuals are available on-line at

If there are any questions, please contact the Kronos Help Desk at ext. 5-7444 ( or the ITS Help Desk at ext 8-4487  (8-4ITS) or 773 508 4487.