New: Gift Card Purchase Policy

Loyola Community,

The Gift Card Purchase Policy has been established to set forth the guidelines and procedures for the purchase and distribution of gifts and gift cards/certificates purchased with University funds to ensure compliance with the University’s tax withholding and reporting obligations.

This policy applies to all staff, faculty, and principal investigators who wish to purchase gift cards for the purpose of incentives, awards, and other uses necessary to carry out the University’s mission.  Gift cards should not be given in exchange for services received or in place of a payment of wages.  Gift cards are subject to tax laws similar to cash payments.

Effective immediately, any department wishing to purchase a gift card, will need to complete a Gift Card Purchase Authorization Form. This form should accompany the Purchase Requisition and sent to the designated Purchasing agent: HSD Purchasing at HSDBUYERS@LUC.EDU or Lakeside Purchasing at PURCHLSC@LUC.EDU.  Gift Card purchases should not be made on the ProCard. Once a gift card purchase has been approved, gift cards should not be used for reasons other than their originally stated purpose.

Once gift cards have been distributed, a Gift Card Distribution Log must be completed and submitted to either SPA, GRNTCON@LUC.EDU (If AU begins with a 2, 5, 103XXX or 104XXX) or General Accounting, ACCOUNTING@LUC.EDU (For all other AUs).

Gift Cards should be treated like cash and be kept under lock and key at all times to ensure proper physical security and to protect from theft and loss. Access to the gift cards and keys to the lock areas should be limited to the individual(s) responsible for safekeeping of the gift cards.

The Gift Card Purchase Policy can be found at:


Gift Card Authorization Form

Gift Card Distribution Log

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