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Promotions & New Hires from Finance

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

The Finance Department is happy to announce promotions from several departments including Budgeting & Financial Analysis, the Bursar’s Office, Sponsored Program Accounting, HSD Finance, and the Controller’s Office.  Please join us in congratulating Lauren Hagan (Budgeting & Financial Analysis)  Tom Catania, Laura Zaucha,  &  Nancy Dorn (the Bursar’s Office) and  Mary Scalero & Missy Alich (Sponsored Program Accounting), Kevin O’Neill (HSD Finance), and Asha Done (Controller’s Office) .

Lauren Hagan accepted the position of Associate Vice President for Strategic Financial Planning effective December 30, 2013. Lauren will be working with Tom Hickey, who announced his retirement from Loyola University Chicago effective January 31, 2014, as well as the HSD team for the month of January 2014 as a part of our transition plan.

Laura Zaucha has accepted the position of Assistant Bursar for the the student business office at the SSOM campus, effective December 2nd.  Laura will help to ensure that the SSOM campus is operating under the same standards as the WTC and LSC campuses and she will continue to supervise the student health insurance program, cashiers and special withdraw appeals.

Tom Catania has been promoted to Cashier Manager and Accounts Administrator effective December 2. Because of Tom’s vast and in depth knowledge of the Student Financials module within PeopleSoft, he will also continue to oversee that accuracy of student accounts and special programs such as Office of International Programs.  Tom has been an invaluable member of the Financial Systems department for many years and his experience and knowledge will be a great asset to the Bursar Office.

Nancy Dorn has assumed greater responsibilities as the WTC facilities have grown in both complexity and student traffic. Nancy has proven time and again she is an invaluable resource to the Bursar Office. The Bursar’s Office is happy to announce that Nancy has accepted her promotion as WTC Bursar Coordinator.

Mary Scalero has been promoted to the position of Grants Administration Manager, Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA).  In her new role as Manager, Mary will be responsible for the supervision of all SPA Grant Administrators for both the Lakeside and HSD Campuses.  She will also serve an integral role in providing support to LUC’s research community regarding post-award grant and contract policies and procedures, compliance and regulatory issues.

Melissa Alich has been promoted to the role of Lead Grant Administrator, SPA.  In this position, Missy will assist the Grants Administration Manager in the training and development of new and current SPA Grant Administrators.  She will review, oversee and approve the daily work of fellow Grant Administrators and will continue to provide critical support to assigned faculty members and departmental administrators regarding grant and contract policies/procedures and post-award administration.

Kevin O’Neill was promoted to Financial Analyst for HSD Finance on September 4th.  Kevin joined the HSD Finance team as an Accountant on April 11, 2011.

Asha Done joined the Controller’s office as an Accounting Coordinator on September 19th, filling the vacancy created upon Susan Oskvarek’s retirement.  Prior to her new role, she worked as a Student Account Advisor in the Bursar’s Office.

We are also excited to welcome two new members to our team.  Catherine Carlson joined the Budgeting & Financial Analysis department on September 9th as a Financial Analyst.  Andrew Palmisano joined the Bursar’s Office on November 25th as a Student Account Advisor.

Please join us in congratulating Lauren, Tom, Laura, Nancy, Mary,  Missy, Asha, and Kevin on their new roles and welcoming Catherine and Andrew to the Team!