The Art of Stamper Cheese

Stamper 1
Stamper’s cheese-monger, Phillip, preps an arrangement of cheeses for the farmers market

Being a vendor at the Loyola Farmers Market since its inception, Stamper Cheese is a real original. Bret Stamper, the owner of Stamper Cheese, boasts about the art of cheese making,

We age them to reveal deeper, spectacular flavors waiting to be unlocked.  These aged cheeses cannot be found elsewhere.  Finally, we offer several wonderful cheeses from some fellow cheese makers that are unique and amazing.  Our philosophy is simple: Cheese making is an art. We try to engage in high art, and our pursuit is for world-class every time.” 

Quality is not only expressed in the taste of the cheese, but also its craftsmanship and focus on sustainability. The milk for their cheese is sourced from small, sustainable family farms. The intimacy of the vendor’s relationship to the farms is cemented by AHA certifications, hormone-free production, and cows that have names. The AHA certification ensures that food products are heart-healthy for people over the age of two. From the farm to the factory to the market, they hand make their artisanal cheeses in small batches in Shawano County, Wisconsin and sell their cheese exclusively to farmers markets.

Stamper Cheese promises a more-than-statisfactory customer experience with an old fashioned flair. At each market, they bring in cheeses in whole blocks and wheels. With “pirate sword” cheese knives, they portion bite-sized samples for customers to explore the taste of each cheese, many of which, customers have never tried before. Stamper explains the customer experience best,

Coming to our booth is an intimate journey of the senses, and an educational one as well.  We love to talk about cheese, and it is our goal to engage customers in conversation, so that they walk away not only with some wonderful goodies, but also with knowledge of their cheese that they probably won’t get from a grocery store.”

Stamper 2
Phillip carves the perfect amount of 4-year aged cheddar cheese

Come visit Stamper Cheese every Monday from 4 to 8 PM at the Loyola Farmers Market and try staff favorite cheese Pleasant Ridge Reserve, which is a raw milk, grass-fed seasonal alpine gruyere. Another fan favorite is Big Ed, which is an aged, Alpine style blend of cheddar and gouda. For entertaining or a fun snack, Stamper recommends pairing the Morel and Leek Jack cheese with asparagus.