Farmer Nick’s: Sustainable Meat is Not an Oxymoron

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Farmer Nick’s is back at the Market for the second year.  Founded by Nick Janovski 16 years ago, they provide pasture raised beef, pork, poultry, and eggs.  His family farm raises his livestock without the use of antibiotics or animal byproducts.  They are currently located in Spring Grove, Illinois.

His stand is run by Tina Seekings at our market, but he sells his products at many different markets in the region.  The farm also sells their meat products during the offseason through a program they call the CSA Program.  The program allows you to purchase beef, pork, chicken, and eggs by the month for seven months in the year.

Tina’s favorite product that she sells is their Tomahawk Ribeye Steak.  The favorite product at our market is the bacon cheddar burger.  The burger comes in a two pack and is reasonably priced.

Tina’s favorite thing about the market is being able to talk to all the customers.  She enjoys expanding their horizons and suggesting different products based on the type of food they like.