CCCL Rabat: Cross Cultural Learning for Global Consciousness

Posted on: August 19th, 2022 by Sawsan Abbadi

With deep gratitude to my home department Modern Languages and Literatures, I was able to visit, for educational orientation and scholarly exchange, the “Center for Cross-Cultural Learning CCCL,” a prominent language and culture center in Rabat, Morocco. The center is rooted within the vibrant neighborhood of Old Rabat; rich in centuries old of transdisciplinary vivid heritage religiously, culturally, and linguistically.

This blog shares a few insights about the mission of the center and its global interconnections for learning languages, cultures, and humanitarian experiential projects- in safe immersion environments. I’m thankful to founders and directors, Dr. Abdelhay Moudden and Dr. Farah D’Ouezzan for their extensive presentations and kind hospitality. I also extend my thanks to all the kind teachers and staff at CCCL who shared their stories, aspirations, and pride in widening students’ horizons as global citizens of the world!

As I entered the main building, I magically was transferred, in time and space, into a museum-like setting with fabulous architectural designs and colors. The mosaics, arches, and columns are enchanting. The multi-level building has an open roof with a panoramic view of the blue ocean, tall palm trees, and the vibrant old city. The classrooms are well equipped to enhance students’ educational and cultural experiences including engagements with community organizations: from academic research focused seminars to musical performances, film shows, calligraphy workshops, and traditional art initiatives.  

Both directors have reiterated their passion towards innovative learning opportunities, peaceful diverse educational interactions, global holistic perspectives, and nurturing humanitarian initiatives for collaborative learning. The center prides in its multilingual focus (Arabic, French, and English) and multicultural diversity. Besides the standardized structured language and cultural programs, the center also offers tailored programs in collaboration with American and European institutions, and internships (with or without Arabic knowledge).  

It has been a joy to listen to and chat with the wonderful group of teachers; their stories, passion, perspectives on learning, global hardships of the pandemic, and new hopes for the coming years. It’s humbling to observe their courage amidst ambiguities, their curiosity to reconsider and reinvent their plans, and grateful words of their students.

In touring every hallway of the center, I was taken by the collection of photos sampling the experiential learning experiences of their students in the past 25 years, year by year- laughs, adventures, and unforgettable memories- including some of our own former students at Loyola! Some class photos exhibited samples of excursions, voluntary work and more including some art work by learners in collaborations with children of underprivileged communities.

The center has a separate elaborate library, with classic and modern books, lounges, redaing and study areas and a nostalgic enchanting presence. touring the multi level library and its several study rooms was wonderful; a place to socialize, explore, and do the work!

Now that the world has started to slowing emerge into global travel plans, I hope we see more Ramblers diving into the CCL with open-mindedness, humility, appreciation for complexity, and curiosity for intellectual and emotional growth. Go Ramblers! Thank you CCCL for priceless work for global consciousness!

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