Keeping it Real with Julie Rodrigues-Widholm

“I love to take photographs. I love to cook. I express myself by being honest in my interactions with others. I keep it real.”- Julie Rodrigues-Widholm on how she expresses herself. 

Recently, The Expressionist got to sit down with Julie Rodrigues-Widholm, curator at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). Find out what she had to say about her career and her passion for art by watching the video below!

Thanks for keeping it real with us and being so insightful!

Go check out the exhibits she curated at the MCA! Remember to take pictures and send them to us @ExpressLoyola with #ExpressArt! 

4 thoughts on “Keeping it Real with Julie Rodrigues-Widholm

  1. Awesome video. Love the editing! Julie seems really knowledgeable too. What an incredible career.

  2. After watching this video I want to go visit the museum and try to see art the way she does. I did not know that curators feel that they have to defend art. I also liked how she likes putting together exhibitions that feature women artists.

  3. Hannah, you should definitely go check it out! There’s some amazing art there–let us know if you go look at the exhibits!

  4. Thanks, Nidhi! We agree that her career is amazing and she’s very knowledgeable about her field!

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